The new ‘foreign legion’ of the Mexican National Team


The Mexican team is hungry for a generational change, a renewal of the staff, and many of the new faces of the tricolor were not born in the national territory.

A new foreign legion he is pushing to win a place, and so far he has done so in the youth teams. Players like; Tony Leone, Marcelo Flores, Jonathan Alexander Pérez and Christian Torres little by little they make a name in the Tri Sub 20.

The team led by Luis Perez recently he was crowned champion of Revelations Cup where Marcelo Flores with his colorful and spectacular football stole the spotlight, to the extent that his name was proposed to reinforce El Tri del Tata Martino.

I am in that process of Sub 20 but I feel very ready to play, if they call me I am ready too. I don’t know if there is a generational change in the Mexican National Team, but I’m ready if they call me right now, “said the ‘Gunners’ player in an interview with Adrenalina.

The MX League is no longer the only hotbed of young talent, the MLS It has become a second niche that opened the doors to strategists with new and more varied talents.

We do not prioritize where they are or in which league, we prioritize that they have the talent and the ability to be in a group as competitive as the national team. Not because they play a club X here, or because they play in Europe they will be. If they do not have that capacity and that quality, only those who really deserve to be in the National Team will be taken into account ”, Luis Pérez declared.

Youth from Los Angeles also join Efraín Álvarez, Julián Araujo and David Ochoa as eligible players for El Tri. The growing number of Mexican Americans has increased internal competition in the national teams.

For us, for Tony, for Johny and for me it is a great honor to be able to come to the national team as MLS players, it is a great opportunity for us for which we are willing to fight. Being with El Tri is something we take with both hands, giving our 100% in every training session and game, ”said Christian Torres.

The Los Angeles man assured that does not see big differences between those trained in Mexico and those who do it abroad.

The competition between the players is there, you can tell by the passion that shows, this makes you want to work harder and give your best to be able to win a place in the team. I’m from the Los Angeles area and I feel very comfortable with being able to represent him, my dream is also to go to Europe, but I don’t think there are big differences, “he said.

But, Are you ready to raise your hand and be taken into account in the Tri major? Or to travel to the old continent in search of an opportunity?

Yes, although it is true that not 100% of the players can be in their team playing and consolidated, if I can tell you about 70 or 80% of players who are prepared to be able to compete for a position. I do not know if to fight for the title or not, but if to have minutes and be eligible within an 11 starter and get minutes. I would love that more young players go abroad and get out of that comfort zone, that they could go to realize their dream. To be able to see another type of football, another context, other cultures, not only on the field but also outside of it, ”said Pérez.

Meanwhile, the Luis’s main task is to convince the jewel of the ‘Gunners’ to choose to represent the tricolor. Marcelo is still not entirely convinced, but supports the idea that players will soon emigrate to the old continent.

Right now I don’t know, but I am going to choose the country with which I think my style is best, where I feel most comfortable and where I enjoy football the most. I think it’s best when they have an early opportunity. It helped me a lot because for 12 years I played in Canada and I left very early. I think I grew a lot in Europe, I have seen players who arrive later who can no longer play at the level of Europe and that is why it is better to leave early, to settle in younger ”, he concluded.



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