Nacho Beristáin vs Canelo: boxing history is not that important

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Don Nacho Beristáin again threw a dart against Saul Alvarez. And is that the legendary Mexican boxing coach, considered that the Canelo he will not have major complications to beat the Congolese Ilunga Makabu and with it add his fifth title in a different division, situation that would continue to add to the list of achievements of the Guadalajara.

However, for Don nacho sporting successes are not as important as win the affection and recognition of the Mexican fans, a situation that seems not to be on the side of Canelo Alvarez Until now.

Entering boxing history is not as important as getting into people’s hearts. And to get in there he is very bastard, “the Mexican coach threw in an interview with the Izquierdazo portal.

In addition, Beristain stressed that for the Canelo I managed to get into the heart of the fans it must be with good contests, since otherwise will continue to add triumphs and will not move anything in the Mexican fans.

“He must keep fighting and give a fight that convinces people, because you can be winning and won fights and nothing happens”He added.

They all want to fight Canelo for money

Don Nacho Beristáin predicted the triumph of Canelo Alvarez in view of Ilunga Makabu, regardless of the fact that for this contest the Mexican will have to climb to the 200-pound category, since He said that the Congolese does not have the weapons to fight the Guadalajara and that it simply goes more for the economic issue.

“It can be complicated by the difference in weight, but I don’t think that that black guy (Makabu) has the ability, what happens is that everyone wants to fight him (Canelo) for the ticket”Said the Aztec coach, who added that the cruises division there is not much quality.

In that weight there is no great material. I think that he is going to continue reaping triumphs, he is an athlete, he takes care of himself, he prepares well, he also has a great coach, ”he concluded.


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