Valeria Marín put conditions on TUDN to sign: ‘I will not do color’

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Only two years were needed for Valeria Marin became – along with Adriana Monsalve – in the TUDN’s most important female faces, although ironically the communicator began her career in the then TDN and left the company because they never gave her the opportunities she was looking for, until they went to look for her on Fox Sports.

Participant in La Jugada and considered “La Amiguita” of Los Tres Amigos such as Toño de Valdés, Enrique Burak and Pepe Segarra in the NFL stories, Val Marín understood that if Televisa looked for her it is because something was doing well at Fox and for that reason it put certain “conditions” in the negotiations.

The conditions that Valeria Marín put to TUDN

Interviewed precisely by Toño de Valdés for her YouTube channel, the communicator told her about the talks to join TUDN, how he warned on Fox Sports that he was leaving and the questions she received for agreeing to join Televisa as a woman.

“It was weird because I left TUDN as the girl who did social service and looked for opportunities but they didn’t listen to her, and I came back being someone they looked for, that I never thought they were going to look for me. Fox Sports helped me grow a lot, “said Marín, who arrived at Emilio Azcárraga’s company in May 2019.

“They questioned me about getting to Televisa, they asked me what I was going to do, suddenly that of ‘but you are a woman and you come from Fox’. What I talked about when I arrived is that I wanted to continue doing journalism, doing sports news to be a credible character, I didn’t want anything to take away that credibility. Those were my conditions, that they let me continue in the role of Fox, nothing to do color, without demeaning it, “he added.

At Fox Sports I felt stagnant: Valeria Marín

Yes OK Fox Sports was the company that projected it in the world of sports media, but after six years he stopped seeing progress in his career and the challenge of establishing herself as a benchmark in open television with TUDN made her decide without taking her family into account.

“I warned that I was leaving and by contract they make you stay one more month and then release you, but they told me ‘you’re leaving on Friday.’ Literally what is normally a month I left in just one week and then I understood that I should tell my parents, even they already saw a certain tickle in me, on Fox Sports I felt stagnant“, he stated.


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