The United States surpasses Mexico in the FIFA ranking

The Mexican National Team is no longer in the TOP 10 of the FIFA ranking. After the two losses in a row in the Concacaf Octagonal Final towards the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Mexico fell five places.

Not only in pride, the setbacks against the United States by a score of 2-0 and Canada (2-1), had consequences even in the search for those led by Gerardo “Tata” Martino, from the possibility of being seeded in the next World Cup.

‘Tata’ Martino believes that Mexico did not deserve to lose to Canada

Mexico ranks 14th in the FIFA rankings

With 638.76 points, the Aztec National Team occupies the 14th place in the FIFA ranking, five places below the one published in October, where the “Tri” occupied the ninth place.

For its part, The United States that was in 13 rose one place and now he’s at 12, leaving Concacaf with no teams in the TOP 10.

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While, Canada, leader of the Octagonal Final, is in 40th place, to match their best ranking since 1996. In just five years, the Maple Leaf have risen from 120th to 40th.

Belgium continues as leader of the FIFA ranking

The Selection of Belgium, which already has its ticket to the next World Cup in Qatar 2022, and they are at the top of the FIFA ranking, with a total of 1,828.45 points, followed by another guest to the World Cup, Brazil, just two points below and France, the current champion, is third with 1,786 units.

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The rest of the teams that complete the TOP 10 are:

4) England (qualified)
5) Argentina (classified)
6) Italy (playoff)
7) Spain (classified)

8) Portugal (playoff)
9) Denmark (qualified)
10) Netherlands (ranked)

Eight UEFA teams, while on this side of the continent, only two are in the top 10.


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