The reason why Oswaldo Sánchez left Chivas for Santos

Oswaldo Sanchez went through several of the most important and historic teams in Mexico, however, it became undisputed idol in with a team, which has even put a statue in their stadium: Santos Laguna.

The Canterano de Atlas arrived at the lagoon team for the Clausura 2007 after being champion with Chivas, a team in which he had played for seven years, but with which he had some problems and decided to take another course eight days after raising the glass with the rojiblancos.

Before leaving for Torreón, Oswaldo communicated his decision to leave Chivas to the media and there he explained why he was leaving the rojiblanca institution.

“The problem In my understanding it is the aspect of weather. The conditions that Santos offers me are attractive to me, especially in the contract time. I am 33 years old, I am not a youngster in soccer. I needed a contract that would extend in terms of time, to be well with my family and Santos offers it to me“, he explained at a press conference.

Nevertheless, the economic issue could be a determining factor also, since recently Alejandro Irarragorri, President of Grupo Orlegi, presumed the first contract that Sánchez signed with the Laguneros, which it was two years.

As for Santos, Oswaldo revealed in 2006 and also this 2021, that The proposal to reinforce the team to save it from relegation appealed to him, since it was a challenge that I wanted to overcome and thus be able to take the albiverde team to the top, with which they won two leagues and a MX Cup.

“I liked wanting to move the team forward. I like that new challenge in my life and in my career“He pointed out in 2006, while recently he added” I liked the essence of Santos, his form and because I loved the challenge, it attracted me. I had never been in a team that fought relegation and for me that was an important complement as a footballer and as a person “.

Oswaldo became one of the greatest idols after playing 296 games as an albiverde goalkeeper, many of them as captain.


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