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Leon, Gto. November 19, 2021. The State Center for Transfusion Medicine, CEMT, received the ISO 9001 certification in its 2015 version for the quality of the Blood Bank processes from registration, sampling, phlebotomy, medical evaluation, blood group determination, serological studies, evaluation and unit labeling.

The General Coordinator of Public Health, Moisés Andrade Quezada recognized all the personnel involved in the processing of blood products that are generated in the 46 municipalities, because they have responded in an exceptional way to the blood requirements, despite almost two years of health contingency.

Thanks to this networking, Guanajuato does not have surgeries suspended due to lack of blood products.

Dr. Gerardo Torres Salgado, director of the CEMT, reiterated that this center is a national benchmark, since it has a sufficient network for any surgical procedure in the state of Guanajuato.

He pointed out that he has bet on the donation of blood in young people due to the health conditions they have, in addition to the culture of blood donation that has been well received by those by this age group. 40 campaigns were carried out, dropping only 30 percent in this pandemic.

In the Secretariat of Health of Guanajuato in 2020, 32 thousand 79 donors were treated, in the CEMT and in its seventeen bleeding stations, which were distributed in hospitals throughout the State, thanks to this, cases of emergencies.

Likewise, despite the pandemic, 12 virtual campaigns were carried out to promote voluntary blood donation, obtaining 1770 donors who benefited with 5100 blood products, positioning Guanajuato in the first national places of blood donation

A permanent program for the promotion of voluntary blood donation has been implemented called PROVO, which includes the promotion of voluntary donation to the general population, as well as carrying out voluntary donation campaigns in different educational institutions, as well as companies.


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