The 3 offer simulation cases that most caught Profeco’s attention

Although during The good end stores claim to offer the greatest discounts and offers, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) found three simulations where there was no reduction, rather they were price hikes, which was seen in a type of whiskey, dog kibble and washing machines.

Although there were other cases, the Profeco He announced the three that stood out the most during El Buen Fin, that is, from November 10 to 16, in one the discount was actually 5 pesos and in the other two cases, almost 100 more expensive pesos were actually sold.

The offer simulation cases They were the following ones:

In Chedraui de Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, they found that the price of a washing machine which was offered at 4 thousand 495 pesos, days before November 10, it went up to 5 thousand 490 pesos, at that price they applied a discount to stay at 4 thousand 490 pesos, so the reduction was really 5 pesos.

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The other case was in Dog food, in Chedraui de Tabasco, a self-service store that before El Buen Fin sold the croquettes for 499 pesos, but during the event it raised it to 599 pesos with everything and a discount, that is, it sold 100 pesos more expensive than before.

The third was also in Chiapas, in Chedraui where the whiskey bottle Chivas Regal was sold for 618 pesos before the event and as of November 10 it went up to 709 pesos with everything and a discount.

In all three cases, Suspension Seals in the stores where this fact was detected and a procedure was initiated for Violation of the Law, in addition to the warning and the requirement of information.

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