‘Michael Jordan ruined basketball; LeBron James is the best ‘

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The former player Scottie pippen continues to shoot thick shrapnel against Michael Jordan, his former partner and with whom he won six rings of the NBA with the Chicago Bulls, now claiming that he “ruined basketball.”

“I will go so far as to say that Michael Jordan has ruined basketball. In the 80s, in the schoolyards, everyone played moving the ball, passing it to help the team. In the 90 that ended “, reads a new extract from his book ‘Ungarded‘.

Pippen, who is remembered as the squire of the considered best basketball player of all time, stated that Jordan did not like to do dirty work in the BullsWell, he ‘did not want’ to go for rebounds or mark the figures of the other teams.

Everybody wanted to be like Mike. As well, Mike didn’t want to pass, didn’t want to bounce and he did not want to defend the best rival player. He wanted everything to be done for him and everything to be done for him, “he said.

And if that was not enough, Scottie pippen dared to assure that Lebron James, current figure of Los angeles lakers, is the best of all, due to the way he involves his teammates.

“That’s why I think LeBron James is the best of all time. He does everything and involves his teammates, “he said.

The controversy between Michael Jordan and Scottie pippen emerged more than a year after the documentary was released ‘The last dance‘, which shows the’ motivation ‘tactics His Majesty used with the other Bulls players.


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