‘Messi prevented us from renewing the team’; in Barcelona they criticize the ’10’

It has been several weeks since Lionel Messi left Barcelona, where their colleagues have shown that they need it but in the directive part they seem ‘happy’ of his departure, well now They have criticized the Argentine with everything and they even recognize that “He wouldn’t let them renew their squad.”

It’s known that Messi is a FC Barcelona legend and that he has a privileged place in the club, but when talking about the economic issue, in appearance could pass as a ‘villain’.

What is said about Messi after his departure from Barcelona?

Jose Elijah, one of the main partners and investors From Barcelona, flooded with everything to Lionel Messi in an interview with ‘La Sotana’, since he left on the table that due to his immense salary, in addition to internal problems, it was impossible to maintain him, in addition to if they wanted to renew the club, it was always around the Argentine.

The end of Messi was seen; if it wasn’t last year, it was this. Turning Barça into a winning team is by doing a post Messi project. We did not have ‘money’ to pay him, you have to deceive yourself to believe that you can continue but there was no way. We wanted to create a new team and a new illusion and with Messi inside you couldn’t “, said the investor.

In case the economic issue and obstacles that the Argentine put out little, José Elías also commented that the tears of Messi, in his farewell lecture, they weren’t ‘real’, since he did not cry to leave the club as such, but he brought other issues in his head.

He screwed me up the day Messi started crying. But I think people mistook the tears. Apart from the fact that many people told me that I did not renew Messi, that he is the biggest bullshit in the world. Messi did not cry for not continuing at Barça, but I was crying for a sum of things. To Messi a cycle was running out. And to that is added that he has made life in Barcelona, ​​”he said.

East partner From Barcelona I would have preferred to sell Messi a year earlier, in 2020, and get at least 100 million euros for him, a fact that would have been more beneficial for the club than letting him go free, but at the time they could not achieve it.


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