Emilio disparages two athletes from Conquistadores

The attitude of Emilio in Exatlón: Guardians vs. Conquerors does not stop monopolizing the spotlight of the fans, who assure that the athlete borders on the “egocentric”.

The rivalry is present on the beaches of Exatlón

Surprising and acrobatic competition for the Exatlón medal.

After the red team lost the conventional medal, Emilio launched strong criticism of his rivals Koke and Ramiro, disparaging their sports disciplines.

“They don’t compete, I think it’s the only competition they’ve had in their life. One is half a model, another is half a cheerleader and with that you already know everything about a person ”, he expressed raising the controversy in the lands of Exatlón.

The athlete thinks that his only worthy rivals are David Juarez The beast for being a gymnast and Yusef farah for being a judoka.

The functional coach showed his dislike for Koke and Ramiro, who have defended themselves with their effectiveness in the lands of Exathlon.

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Emilio becomes the most controversial athlete in Exatlón

Emilio Rodriguez came as a reinforcement of Exatlón: Guardians vs Conquerors at a key moment of the contest.

The athlete started in sports like gymnast, managing to win four gold medals and one silver in the artistic gymnastics discipline at the National Olympics.

Emilio has been dedicating himself to the crossfit and is currently Head Coach of a gym, placing himself within the Top 10 Elite athletes in Mexico.

Born in Cancun Quintana Roo, going through various sports throughout his sports career.

Also played football to the point that he received a scholarship offer in Miami, Florida but lost the opportunity due to other personal projects.

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