the new variant B.1.X has undetected changes in other mutations

While some countries, as is the case of Mexico, has the lowest infection rates in the Covid-19, other regions live the fourth wave of infections. In addition to this, European health authorities have reported the detection of a new variant coronavirus: B.1.X. The first case was diagnosed in a school in France, at the beginning of October, a month after this event, the mutation has spread in the British, Scottish, Italian and Swedish population.

According to the local media “Le Telegramme”, the first to notify the appearance of the variant, the cases related to this new lineage are still few, since the Delta variant it continues to be the one that most predominates in the incidence of the disease. However, experts are already studying its danger, which they say can have a serious impact on the health of those who contract it.

However, it was not until last Friday, November 12, when “Public Health France” made the appearance of the new variant official.

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According to Cyrille Cohen, a professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, during an interview with “The Jerusalem Post” he expressed that the variant B.1.640, as it is also known, has some new mutations that have never been seen before, since the beginning of pandemic.

One of the novelties, studied in variant B.1.X., was that the spike protein “S”, through which the SARS-CoV-2 it accesses human cells to infect them, it underwent a genetic change, losing a segment of its DNA. This modification is also called a “deletion”. Such a change, in the words of the scientist, would decrease the effectiveness of the Covid vaccines, as it would reduce its ability to identify the viral envelope.

Cohen speculated that this mutation probably came from Africa. In this regard, the doctor asserted that if the available doses of available biologics had been distributed equitably around the world, the appearance of B.1.X would have been avoided: “this variant exemplifies that if it leaves part of the world population without access to vaccines, then the virus will continue to multiply and give rise to more variants ”, he stressed.

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To date, the knowledge of this variant is scarce, however it has been linked to the rebound in cases in European cities, for which the health authorities have urged the population not to relax personal care measures, such as the use of face masks, avoid closed and crowded spaces, as well as establish social distance, for the moment, in addition, the World Health Organization (who) has not been pronounced in relation to whether this mutation will be classified within the categories: variants of interest (VOI) or as a variant of concern (VOC).



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