Garbiñe Muguruza champion of WTA Finals 2021 wins Anett Kontaveit

Sometimes, just a look, a gesture, a way of moving around the court is useful to intiur the emotions that overwhelm two players and everything they offered Garbiñe Muguruza in the run-up to the final of WTA Finals 2021, predicted a performance as stellar as the one that was seen later. When he is inspired and everything fits in his mind, the Spanish game flows freely like spring water and is capable of devastating everything in its case as if it were turning into a tsunami. He showed his credentials and greater experience in front of Anett Kontaveit very feisty and that, although she did not feel comfortable in the face of her rival’s tennis deployment, she did not give up looking for solutions and sold her skin dearly. The end result was 6-3 7-5 in favor of Muguruza, who becomes a teacher and makes history for Spanish tennis.

Already from the initial bars of the first set It was clear that Garbiñe had the confidence, determination and intensity necessary to be that dominant tennis player who suffocates her rival with her innate ability to lead. Kontaveit suffered the nerves of a rookie in a context like this and accumulated innumerable errors, giving up her serve. However, when it seemed that the Spanish would consolidate it, it was confused in an incomprehensible way in the fourth game and the balance returned to the scoreboard. It was only a postponement in what was sensed at each point, since the Estonian was not at all comfortable, having to take many risks to get rid of the constant pressure exerted by Muguruza with deep and powerful shots. In the seventh game he gave a new blow and put the direct to take advantage.

Muguruza solved problems with his serve and ended up chaining four consecutive games won

The Estonian’s reaction was as progressive as it was effective. He started by raising his percentage of first serves in the second sleeve, he continued with a tendency to accelerate the rhythm of his legs and to be able to enter into face-to-face exchanges with the Spaniard and seemed to end with a survival drill in the sixth game, where he saved a breaking ball against, which relaunched his morale and allowed him to open a gap on the scoreboard, placing himself with a 3-5 advantage. But Muguruza hadn’t said her last word. He recovered that ideal balance between aggressiveness and consistency to overwhelm his rival and chain three consecutive masterful games.

He took advantage of the doubts of Anett Kontaveit and his haste to look for a winning shot to place himself in a privileged position and close the circle. She broke the serve and was proclaimed champion of the WTA Finals 2021 in a totally deserved way. Garbiñe Muguruza She adds a very important tournament to her record and shows that she boasts the intangibles of a champion that very few tennis players possess.Return to the top-3 of the WTA ranking, the ideal culmination of the season and a feeling that the best version of a tennis player that is difficult to beat has returned by the vast majority of the circuit when she is inspired. Spanish tennis party in Mexico.


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