Kheira Hamraoui. Photos reveal wounds from the brutal assault

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The French newspaper L’Équipe released some images where you can see the injuries suffered by the player of the Women’s PSG, Kheira Hamraoui, after the attack he received a few days ago by two hooded men who they attacked her with an iron bar.

The events occurred when Hamraoui He was returning home in a car accompanied by his partner Aminata Diallo, after a dinner organized by his own club; both, They had come to leave Karchaoui at his house, and it was just turning around, when two men blocked their way and the attack began.


Kheira Hamraoui details that the two men began to yell at them: “Open the door! Open the door! The one on my side grabbed me and pulled me out of the vehicle. Before that, he took a rectangular iron bar that he had hidden in the pants or under the shirt. ”

Already under the car he relates that “I fell on the road and then on the right side of the road; he hit me several times, I saw that he was targeting me mainly at my legs and I was trying to protect myself with my hands, “he added.

The soccer player of the PSG was heavily punished, so neither she nor her partner noticed how the aggressors fled.

How were the injuries?

In the images released by the French newspaper L’Équipe, you can see that Kheira Hamraoui you have a huge bruise on the back of your right thigh, coupled with the fact that at the top there is a strong cut.


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