The emotional talk between Canelo and Plant after the fight


With the KO that Saúl ‘Canel0’ Álvarez gave to Caleb Plant In the eleventh round of the fight held just over a week ago in Las Vegas, doubts about who was the best fighter in the super middleweight category were dispelled, but the quarrels and grievances that both fighters exchanged during the match were also forgotten. fight promotion.

Once the triumph of ‘Canelo’ and already with a crowd on the stringing, the champion from Guadalajara approached Plant to recognize his quality as a boxer and perhaps to apologize for the verbal and physical attacks that occurred between them.

You are a great fighter, I am sorry for everything that happened, at the end of the day we are human ”, said the absolute champion of the super middlemen.

After a hug, Caleb Plant clarified ‘Canelo’ that he never intended to offend his mother.

I would never talk about your mother because I don’t have mine, my mother died, “the American clarified and Saúl Álvarez immediately answered:

You have a good and beautiful family, you are my family ”, he concluded and then merged into another hug.



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