Pfizer awards distinction for Academic Excellence in medicine

For their outstanding performance during the medical career, this year 83 students from all over the Mexican Republic were recognized with the distinction of Academic Excellence, offered by the Pfizer Scientific Institute (ICP) in collaboration with the Mexican Association of Faculties and Schools of Medicine (AMFEM).

In an interview for MILENIO, Dr. Yéssika Moreno, Medical Director of Pfizer Mexico, highlights the importance of this type of recognition for the promotion of new generations of doctors, since “today we have a clear example that when health is not in optimal conditions, the impact worldwide is enormous, not only on health issues, but also on economic, political and social issues ”.

Hence the involvement of Pfizer and the Pfizer Scientific Institute to responsibly promote academic excellence in a field as important as medicine, but, he says, it also implies recognition of the efforts of the institutions, families and support entities that these students have around.

He points out that, in addition to academic excellence, these future physicians must have respect for human life and empathy for patients, crucial values ​​promoted at Pfizer. This reflection is also shared by Dr. Verónica Nateras, who is currently in charge of the Pfizer Scientific Institute, who adds that “honesty and integrity are also values ​​that must be promoted in the new generations of doctors in order to speak to patients. with transparency and help them to always look for the best health solutions available ”.

Yéssika Moreno points out that Pfizer promotes innovation and scientific curiosity to promote research in the country, since these students “will be responsible for bringing innovations in health, generating research projects that attack future crises worldwide and, therefore, Of course, they will be responsible for managing the well-being of the 125 million Mexicans ”.

Likewise, it highlights that it is working jointly with the AMFEM to form a network with previous and new generations of students to demonstrate what is the role that doctors have in the pharmaceutical industry and how they can develop their career within this field with its characteristics of excellence having been part of this recognition.

During the event, and on behalf of the students, there was the participation of Hugo Javier Sosa Arámbula, a student at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, who thanked both institutions for their support, in addition to highlighting the enormous effort that the students represented to achieve their student goals in a context of social distance and where most schools held activities remotely.

The work of the Pfizer Institute of Science

According to Yéssika Moreno, the Pfizer Scientific Institute, which has been created 15 years ago, seeks to focus on the development of medicine, research, continuing medical education and professional specialization in the field of medicine, for which carries out various actions:

● Dissemination of local research.

● Generation of research funds to support promising projects that benefit Mexican society.

● Scholarships for short stays in foreign hospitals for internships and training.

● Scientific journalism workshops for reporters, carried out in conjunction with the Global Institute of Communication and Public Expression and the UNAM Faculty of Medicine.

● Web portal with access to specialized and top-level medical information for medical students, among others.

For her part, Dr. Verónica Nateras emphasizes that the Pfizer Scientific Institute (ICP for its acronym) emerged several years ago in Pfizer Mexico as an initiative to promote continuing medical education and research, as well as to generate strategic alliances with academia , the government and health institutions and contribute to improving the health outcomes of patients.

Also, in conjunction with the AMFEM, the ICP has facilitated the identification of student promises within medicine to promote these new talents.

It highlights that during these years it has been “managed to have a more solid network of academic support for the new generations and to encourage scientific or research projects, in such a way that the ICP reaffirms its commitment to education, to continuing medical training and to the development of research in Mexico ”.

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