Monterrey News: Antonio de Nigris and the peculiar clauses to sign with Rayados

ANDste November 15 the 12th anniversary of the death of Antonio de Nigris, former player of Monterrey, America, Pumas and the Mexican team.

In this context, this day the peculiar clauses with which Antonio de Nigris signed his contract with Rayados from Monterrey, exhibited by Gilberto Lozano placeholder image, former president of La Pandilla.

“We started talking about the price of your letter. We talked about numbers, but I always thought he was talking about dollars, while Too talked about pesos.. He told me: ‘Engineer, you are very hard to negotiate, I am going to commit to the team, how much they are 50 thousand pesos‘. When he said that, I took out the checkbook and paid him, “he commented in an interview with

Gilberto Lozano clarified that they paid him more than the 50 thousand pesos that Too de Nigris asked forBecause the ex-footballer was more interested in being recognized than making money.

Likewise, Lozano mentioned that another clause was to take care of Too, specifically, checking every night that De Nigris was sleeping in his bed.

“Benito Floro was like a dad to Too. He made an agreement with his parents, so that he and Too Flores (physical trainer), would make sure that Too was already in bed. Too de Nigris was a cheerful, enthusiastic young man, much appreciated, it was very easy for me to have all the invitations to get up early, then you had to take care of him, Too accepted that discipline “.

Finally, Lozano compares Too de Nigris’s jump with the one made by Cristiano Ronaldo.

“He was a boy who had a number of qualities, it was said that is suspended in the air. Antonio’s brain had extraordinary special characteristics, because it is not only the jump, the brain makes a measurement of the speed, the wind, the moment to be precise with the ball where to hit it … I can assure you that had the characteristicsthat can be attributed today to Cristiano Ronaldo”.


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