Macky plays down Guardians; red answer

The international duel in Exathlon: Guardians vs Conquerors, where we will witness a surprising duel between Mexico and Colombia in the lands of the Dominican Republic.

Nevertheless, Macky gonzalez he does not want to be close to his red rivals to beat the Colombian team.

“Living with the red team becomes complicated. The truth is that with some participants I am going to put my line … “, expressed the athlete in the recent advance of Exatlon.

Remember that blues and reds have come together throughout history to beat other athletes, such is the case of Slovenia in this fifth edition of Exatlón.

Faced with the fusion of red and blue athletes to represent Mexico, The amazon He has shown his annoyance at living with his rivals.

The Guardians team prepares to respond to the comments of Macky González, such is the case of Jahir ocampo in the recent preview of Exatlón.

“We have already identified who can be a hypocrite,” said Ochampion, showing his rivalry with the member of the blue team.

“There are no reds and there are no blues, it is for Mexico,” continued the newly installed Emilio for fans of the show.

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The rivalry increases in intensity in Exatlón

The fusion between reds and blues is not the only controversy faced by athletes from Exathlon: Guardians vs Conquerors, since the doors of the Exaball will open soon.

Let us remember that the Exaball It is one of the most controversial events in Exatlón, where basketball players such as Tony González, Marcela Pérez Yeye, Nataly Gutiérrez and more stand out.

The spirits rise in intensity in each duel of the Exaball, because all kinds of clashes like Keno Martell and

Araujo Duck
in season four.

Do not miss Exathlon: Guardians vs Conquerors o’clock at 7:30 pm to know the most heartfelt duels of this fifth season.

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