Jorge Vergara could buy Manchester United

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Jorge Vergara became very famous when he became the owner of Chivas and his popularity and his decisions always caused controversy, but they also gave him reason in some ways as when he bought the Saprissa from Costa Rica or formed Chivas USA, as part of their teams.

The founder of Omnilife bet very strongly on football to such a degree that he himself revealed that he sought to buy Atlético de Madrid and the Sports University of Peru, but in none of the cases did he manage to do so.

On the contrary, on his desk 16 years ago one of the most important offers that any football owner wanted to have passed: they offered him the opportunity to buy Manchester United from the Premier League in exchange of $ 1.2 billion (from that time). And Vergara said no.

Some years ago, Vergara He was interviewed by Denise Maerker when the journalist worked for CNI Channel 40. There he revealed that he had the proposal. “Did they offer you Manchester United?“, she said.

That’s how it is. There was an occasion. They offered it to me. As well as eight teams from Europe have offered me. It is the most expensive, worth 1,200 million dollars (2005 figures). They have offered me around 25 teams around the world, ”said Vergara, who passed away in 2019.

Nevertheless, Vergara did not have that amount for such a strong investment despite being one of the most important and prestigious clubs in the world. In addition, over time, Vergara stopped investing in Saprissa and Chivas USA looking to give Chivas more prominence by winning the Clausura 2017 League title, as well as two Cups and one MX Super Cup.

During the stage of Matías Almeyda As helmsman, Vergara invested up to 17 million dollars for Alan Pulido and 17 million for Rodolfo Pizarro. After falling ill with pancreatic cancer, your son Amaury vergara took care of the team.


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