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For some years, occupational medicine and occupational health have become activities aimed at promoting and protecting the Health of workers through prevention and disease control; as well as preventing accidents and achieving the elimination of factors and conditions that endanger health.

Based on this, in our area Grupo Álvarez has included in its services a series of activities that allow meeting the needs of the productive sectors, thus achieving better business development, explained Lilia Edith Álvarez Aldape.

“We started as a laboratory for clinical analysis, but due to the needs that patients were having and to be able to interpret the results we incorporated the medical service, with the purpose of offering immediate solutions in the clinical area,” he described.

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“This is already part of a security dynamic that companies have because it is focused on preserving the health of all workers, with the purpose that the operation at the company level is not truncated by diseases or disabilities that alter the regulations in the work, “he explained.

The distinguished professional explained that occupational medicine has made it possible to detect from the workplace what pathologies can develop due to the profile that is performed and also allows to know the antecedents that caused the various activities exercised.

“It is not the traditional medical history, it is aimed at knowing what you have worked on, what activities were carried out, for how long and if this could have an impact on the variation in current health”.

Arguing various examples Lilia alvarez, details that occupational medicine has made it possible to take measures that can prevent illnesses in people according to their professional activity.


By offering a program that guarantees the development of each employee Alvarez Group describes that they currently perceive a favorable response in the business sector that is responsible for the demands of labor reforms.

“We have been growing, we are currently present in many companies that have implemented occupational medicine. This discipline has to be seen as an investment and not as an expense because regardless of the number of workers or the size of the company, the worker health”, He described.

One of the benefits of occupational medicine is to achieve the implementation of protocols that allow more competitive employees, impacting production and economy, avoiding disabilities or new hires.


Incorporating a wide range of services that help to strengthen society represented for Grupo Álvarez the opportunity to transcend and grow.

“We are part of a solution, part of a requirement because the Secretary of Labor It establishes that you cover a series of studies that endorse and we are a solution. We have staff with the academic profiles that support each activity and each diagnosis ”.

Lilia Álvarez Aldape, explained that those interested in knowing the health panorama of their company can contact 833 367 1739 or 833 281 38 35, or visit them at Avenida Álvaro Obregón 720 in the Primero de Mayo neighborhood, Ciudad Madero and in the Plaza Encinos branch located at Avenida de la Industria 10 200 in the neighborhood Tampico-Altamira.


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