Eddy Reynoso responds to Dinamita Márquez after hitting Canelo Álvarez

Mexico City /

The controversial words of Juan Manuel Marquez that point out that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez he will never be the best mexican boxer were answered by Eddy reynoso, coach of the fighter from Guadalajara, who pointed out that the numbers speak.

Visiting Mexico City to participate in the Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council, the strategist was questioned about what Dinamita said, with a clear answer that is supported by the plenary session that Canelo holds in the super middle players and his other successes. achieved.

At the end of the day the numbers speak, the victories speak. Nobody is given anything as a gift, as it happened to him, “he commented to the YouTube channel You Can’t Play Boxing.

“Every race is different, Saúl is making his career very apart, but the numbers are leaving them, is shaping them. He is the first boxer to have all four titles. With foolish words, with triumphs they turn off ”, he added.

What did Juan Manuel Márquez say about Canelo?

Also interviewed for the social video network by the Deplaymaker channel, Dinamita was asked if “Canelo can become the best boxer in the history of Mexico”, to which he had a strong response based on the clauses that your opponents.

No, no, no … why, I’m going to say it: there are many fighters who win the world championships as I did and as several did, that is, fighting against the best and without putting rehydration clauses on rivals, without diminishing them and without telling them ‘you have to do this,’ “he said.


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