Chaka Rodríguez exhibits threats against her family

Monterrey, NL /

After not having a good participation with Mexico in the duel before USA in the World Cup Qualifiers, Luis Rodriguez received strong threats towards him and his family, so the Chaka displayed the messages that a user was sending him on social networks.

The defense of Tigres and Mexican National Team At all times he was kind to the fan named Miguel, who according to having no response from Chaka, sent messages to the player’s wife in an aggressive and rude tone.

It was thus that Rodríguez exchanged words with this person, since he was already messing with his family with very strong threats, such as cutting off their heads and sending them to them in black bags.

Despite this, the footballer never answered him in a bad way, but he did try to calm the situation so that it does not go beyond just a virtual threat.

The user pointed to the Chaka to leave the selection, to resign to give way to young people; Cordially, the feline side indicated that this was not an option.

Rodríguez decided to publish the messages on his Instagram stories and immediately came the claim of such Miguel, assuring he had received congratulations; while the footballer said he had not done it with the intention of exhibiting it and closed by talking to him about God.


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