AMLO, the INE and provocation

There is no other way to understand the budget assigned by the government majority to the National Electoral Institute other than as a provocation. One from which it is not clear how the institute will be able to get away with it.

The cut from what was requested by the institute is equivalent to the popular consultation and the exercise, at the polls, of revocation of mandate. And the majority of Morena and her allies told the INE we will not give you money for this exercise that we want.

The Secretary of the Interior, the President and the leaders of Morena in the Chamber of Deputies have all given absurd or impossible solutions because they are illegal: that if salaries are lowered, if they have funds out there, well … do whatever they want.

All the INE advisers who have spoken publicly about the matter agree that it is impossible with this cut to carry out the revocation exercise and have expressed the idea of ​​going to the Supreme Court of Justice so that with a constitutional controversy it can settle the matter.

The numbers are clear, with that budget there is no way. We’ll see what the Supreme Court says. But unfortunately, I think the damage has been done.

These are not our times when numbers, addition and subtraction, or the law matter too much. The polarization, the grid and the weakening —for me inexplicable— of an institute that has given Mexico confidence in its electoral processes (in addition to the only identification that everyone respects) matter.

I think about scenarios: let’s say that the Court does not resolve, due to time or some legal mess. The INE could simply say: I can’t, I won’t. Imagine the reaction in the mornings at the Palace and in the afternoons on the networks.

The INE could say I will do it, but with three pesos scratched out there, few ballot boxes, little infrastructure; the exercise fails everywhere. Let’s imagine the next morning in the Palace and the afternoon in networks and other spaces.

Let’s say the court corrects the absurdity and money comes to the institute. Morenoism will be launched, as it has already done, against the Court as an addition to the attack against the INE.

And then it is not going to be that, as usually happens in these exercises, beyond many ballot boxes and a lot of promotion, the final numbers are rather poor. The INE will be blamed from the ruling party.

All bad then. A disgrace.

Carlos Puig



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