What would happen to your body if you stopped eating bread?

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  - Sputnik World, 1920


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The nutritionist and endocrinologist Alena Barredo told Sputnik what changes would occur in your body if you exclude all kinds of bread from the diet.

“Bread is a fast carbohydrate that negatively affects carbohydrate metabolism and causes insulin resistance. If people reject bread, insulin and glucose will decrease and carbohydrate and lipid metabolism will normalize. Triglycerides and fractions of bad cholesterol will also decrease. The growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi will slow down in the intestine, which will stimulate the growth of a friendly microbiota “, explained the doctor.

The specialist also added that whole wheat bread with bran and fiber is considered the most useful, since it will be “the most neutral of all the types of bread that increase insulin and glucose.”

Junk Food - Sputnik World, 1920, 03.11.2021

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