Thauvin has finally returned! Tigres beat Venados 2-0 and Florian showed off

With the aim of not losing football rhythm in the face of the Quarterfinals of the A2021 Liguilla, because they will first have to wait for the results of the Repechage, Tigers held a friendly match this Saturday in the volcano in view of Deer of Merida, where Florian Thauvin he was finally able to play soccer.

Thauvin, who was the bomb booster for this tournament, had injured in Matchday 10 against Pumas, suffering a tear that left him out the rest of the regular season; Now, I could go back for the Big Party, so Miguel Herrera He gave him minutes in this match and showed off with assistance for the 2-0 victory.

It did not matter that the rain fell in San Nicolás, the duel took place as agreed, in two 50-minute halves, with which the Louse could see all his elements on the field, except for Carlos González and Luis Rodríguez who are with their selections, in addition to Luis Quinones who developed an upset stomach.

Nahuel Guzmán in goal; Guido Pizarro, Carlos Salcedo and Hugo Ayala from centrals, Javier Aquino and Raymundo Fulgencio from lanes; Rafael Carioca in contention with Juan Pablo Vigón, Leo Fernández and Nicolás López as wingers and André-Pierre Gignac as center forward.

This line-up did not manage to score a goal, although it had a lot of arrival, it was until the second that the scoring was opened; Herrera changed to all his eleven, Miguel Ortega entered as goalkeeper, Sánchez Purata, Aldo Mota and Venegas in the centrals; Aldo Cruz and Érik Ávalos as lanes; Jordan Sierra, Jesús Dueñas and David Ayala in the midfield; Florian Thauvin and Adrian Garza in front.

That was how they achieved the goals, at minute 20 of the second half, Ávalos made it 1-0, took the ball in an exit of the rival and sent the ball to the nets.

While Thauvin, before leaving at minute 29, he made the assist for 2-0 immediately after Avalos had scored, he gave a luxury pass to David ayala to define the final 2-0.


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