Odell Beckham Jr. would play kick returner on Monday Night Football

Beckham was a punt returner early in his career with the Giants

Los Angeles Rams discuss using Odell Beckham Jr. as a kick returner in the Monday Night Football from espnall MNFs are on Star +, subscribe here) as part of a package of plays designed for the star catcher, sources pointed out to ESPN.

It is expected that Beckham, who joined The Angels in an incentive-laden deal last Thursday, made your debut with the Rams Monday night against the division’s rival San Francisco 49ers, sources told ESPN.

Beckham was a punt returner early in his career with the New York Giants, but only returned one since 2019 in his more than two seasons with the Cleveland Browns.

Star catcher Cooper Kupp is sometimes a punt returner for the Rams. Beckham could be used there, as well as other places, and in the Monday Night FootbalHe will be the first look at whether the Rams decide to implement the idea.

The possibility of returning punts is one of the ideas the Rams have pondered since signing Beckham to a one-year, $ 4.5 million deal that weighs heavily on team-driven postseason incentives.

The Rams joined the push for Beckham last Tuesday once he approved the waivers after being released by the Browns. The sources pointed to ESPN that the Rams felt they had a great opportunity to sign Beckham after head coach Sean McVay had a long, direct talk with the receiver about how he would use him in Los Angeles.

Beckham made it clear that he was looking for three things: a good coach, a good quarterback and a winning team.

The Packers, Chiefs, Saints and Seahawks showed interest, but the Rams met all the criteria and could also offer Beckham something that no other franchise could offer: Los Angeles to live in.


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