‘Me center forward? No mam * n ‘; Zague criticizes his plaque at the Azteca

Be the top scorer in the history of Club América made Luis Roberto Alves’Zague‘had a tunnel with his image in the Azteca Stadium, same that would have some errors and details, since both he What Christian martinoli, they were in charge of exhibiting it.

The famous tunnel 17 of the Azteca Stadium is dedicated to Zague, where he has a commemorative plaque with his data, his image surrounds the entire corridor and they sought to pay tribute to him, but something bad must have been according to Martinoli.

The tunnel and the Zague plate with errors

In a video of ‘Fakers with glory’, where Christian Martinoli, Zague, Luis García and company share anecdotes, they talked about tunnel dedicated to the Americanista scorer, which received some criticism (mostly as a joke) from Martinoli.

“The plate is worn. The pictures? They are already with humidity, the water leaked from the damn downpours and apart they have been years. Like a photo from a newspaper, in sepia. They are terrible a smell of mine in the tunnel, terrible. When it happens, there were rats. Hopefully when the FIFA team come they don’t go through tunnel 17, ”Martinoli said in the video.

Besides this, Zague made a couple of important annotations, well in the license plate they put that he played as a center forward when in reality they should only have put forward; they put him scored 162 goals with the America but would be 192They do not give the exact data of the games he played and other things.

“There is a detail on the plate, not even I had noticed. Front center? Don’t suck, we already screwed up, instead of putting forward, put forward center. The stone is half rusted (…) It is wrong (the plate), I scored 192 goalsZague said.

This license plate you can see inside the Azteca Stadium facilities and you can check what they say Martinoli and Zague, since apparently they exhibited the personnel of the America that made it.


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