Croatia qualifies for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Croatia. Fortune got Croatia in the World Cup Qatar 2022 thanks to an own goal that helped him defeat an ultra-defensive Russia by a score of 1-0 with ten minutes remaining.

The “Cata” Domínguez accepts blame in the defeat against USA

The heavy rain that fell throughout the match made the task of the finalist from the past almost impossible

, who desperately needed victory to top Group H in the UEFA tie.

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In the first half, under the baton of Real Madrid player Luka Modric, the Balkans had several chances to score, but in the second they hardly disturbed the Russian goal. It was worth it for the Russians to defend in an orderly fashion. The rest was carried out by their goalkeeper, Saphonov, who had an excellent performance.
The Russians, who under Karpin did not know defeat, five victories, a draw and a single goal against, saw the goal close until the own goal of defender Fyodor Kudriashov.

The Croats were beginning to despair, but fortune smiled on them at the end, when defender Fyodor Kudriashov scored an own goal. It was a center from the left that nobody managed to finish, except the Russian center-back, who incomprehensibly introduced the ball into his goal. Saphonov touched the ball with his fingertips, but was unable to avoid the goal in the 81st minute.

There was no time for more. Croatia, first in the group with 23 points, and Russia, second with 22. The Russians will seek a place in Qatar in the repechage in March.

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Germany closes tie with a landslide

Germany, already classified in advance for the World Cup Qatar 2022, said goodbye to the qualifying phase this Sunday with a win during his visit to Armenia (1-4).

For Germany the game was a matter of statistics. Armenia, on the other hand, still had a remote chance of fighting for the play-off. But there was no duel. Germany controlled it from the start, despite many absences, and fulfilled its role of favorite.


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