Landon Donovan sends “little message” to Mexico

The Aztec National Team suffered again in “enemy” territory. The United States beat Mexico by a score of 2-0, which brought back ghosts and memories of Columbus, a site that was a nightmare for us for many years.

Added to that, the set of the Stars and Stripes had three consecutive wins against those led by

Gerardo “Tata” Martino
. The first defeat for the “Tri” came in the final of the Nations League, then for the Gold Cup title, and last Friday’s disagreement at the TQL in Cincinnati Ohio.

Summary | United States 2-0 Mexico | Octagonal Final

Martino became the coach with the most defeats against the United States

After 2-0 against the United States in the Octagonal Final tie heading to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the “Tata” Martino reached three defeats against the “hated” rival, to become, together with Hugo Sánchez, the coach with the most defeats against the Stars and Stripes as a whole. They are followed by Miguel Mejía Barón, Enrique Meza, Javier Aguirre and Ricardo La Volpe, with two setbacks each.

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Landon Donovan sends a message to Mexico

The best soccer player in the history of the United States is named Landon Donovan. The former striker marked an era for football in our country, became an executioner for several years. The famous “two to zero” were largely because of him.

In the playoffs heading to the world pasts, the American team had a paternity over the “Tri”, they were four defeats in a row (2001, 2005, 2009 and 2013). The hegemony was broken in the face of the 2018 Russia fair, when Mexico won 1-2 in Columbus.

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Now, those ghosts that seemed forgotten, returned. The same marker was repeated and Donovan wasted no time to send a “little message”: “What a performance !! #DosACero I never felt better”, He posted on his social networks.


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