Good End. Faced with labeling failure, Profeco forces the store to sell 216 bottles of tequila

For not putting the legend of “limited to three boxes per person”, on the third day of The good end, a couple of buyers managed to sell them 18 cases of tequila, totaling 216 bottles.

However, consumers wanted all the tequila bottles to pay them with a discount of 30%.

Although buyers went to the wine and spirits store, La Playa Acueducto, in Zapopan, Jalisco, to buy all the 700-milliliter bottles of Maestro Dobel Diamante tequila, the store refused to sell it.

At first, the store noticed that only three boxes were sold per person, but nowhere in the promotion did it say such a limitation, so the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco).

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The affected client said “we arrived at a branch of La Playa Acueducto … when they told us about the stocks they had, we said we wanted to buy everything they had because they have a 30% discount.”

“They told us that they could only sell us three boxes. We requested the reason why they only wanted to sell us three boxes if they did not have any section that no more could be sold or (if there were) any restrictions ”, but since they refused, Profeco was told.

According to the affected couple, they had to call Profeco to ask that the promotion be respected and they managed that instead of being restricted to three boxes, equivalent to 36 bottles, they were sold 18 boxes with a total of 216 bottles.

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