Checo Pérez finished fourth; got caught behind Sainz

Checo Pérez could not overcome Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari and will start the Brazilian GP fourth

Czech Pérez again had a bitter experience in sprint race qualifying by finishing in fourth place and losing third place to Carlos Sainz, who became the surprise for the weekend by starting in the second row.

The pilot of Red bull was overtaken in the start by the Ferrari from Carlos Sainz, who had a good start on the red tire and was placed in third position, while in the first row Valtteri Bottas won the fight Max verstappen for the first place.

The fight in the first round caused Carlos Sainz had a duel with Max verstappen, who to prevent the touch with the Spanish left the track and lost the position, so he was placed in front of Czech Pérez, who respected his partner while fighting to defend his position against Charles Leclerc.

Verstappen surpassed Sainz again, so Czech Pérez he had to concentrate on the Spaniard, who despite having a good pace at the start of the race, began to see his red compound begin to degrade. This caused that the tapatío, with medium compound, had the pilot of Ferrari less than half a second.

Czech Pérez began to approach at times Carlos Sainz, but with the DRS enabled, he was not able to regain third position either.

On lap 18 Sainz accused on the radio that his red tires were not enough for more, so he was once again in the sights of Checo Pérez.

Six laps from the end, the man from Guadalajara had his best chance on the main straight, but failed to double before Ferrari, who won the position and defended his position well.

With only two laps to go, Checo was back at a good distance, but it was impossible for him to battle against the Italian engine, so he had to settle for fourth position and lose the prize of one point for the sprint classification.

Checo will start the race this Sunday in fourth position, while the pole was won by Valtteri Bottas.


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