Assault on a PSG player could have been a revenge of an ‘ex’

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Although at first it was pointed out to Aminata Diallo as possible responsible for the physical aggression that suffered Kheira Hamraoui, a PSG player, the case has taken an unexpected turn, as the attack is now being investigated as a possible private revenge.

According to the newspaper L’Équipe, the statements of both French footballers agree that orno of the attackers who attacked Hamraoui pronounced the phrase “married man”.

Despite this information, the player herself of the set of ‘The City of Light’ would have argued during her statement that “I had never had a romantic relationship” with someone who was in another romantic relationship.

According to the same media, the statement of both athletes was related to the calls received by other players of the PSG days before the attack, where a Kheira’s supposed ‘ex’ He had mentioned that he would take revenge on the soccer player for having broken his life.

Another point that the French police does not rule out in this case is the use of a geolocation device, which could have been placed in the car in which they were transported Hamraoui and Diallo the day of the attack.

It should be remembered that Hamraoui was attacked by two men masked that they beat the legs with an iron bar last Thursday night. The former Barcelona player suffered bruises and needed some stitches in legs and hands.


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