Yanet García vs. Patty López de la Cerda: these are her MILLIONAIRE earnings at OnlyFans

The platform OnlyFans it has become the new showcase for the stars. Without too many intermediaries, anyone can monetize their content and several influencers decided to move to that website.

Yanet Garcia She was one of the pioneers among Mexican Instagram stars. The famous “Weather Girl” exacerbated the senses and swelled her bank account exponentially since her debut.

According to a representative of the Monterrey, only in his first week in OnlyFans, he achieved earnings of more than 800,000 pesos. The basic fee is 400 pesos and its subscribers are already in the thousands.

Unofficial versions assure that Yanet bought his luxurious apartment in New York with the profits he made thanks to the platform.

The former TV Azteca sports host, Patty López de la Cerda, made headlines when it announced that it was joining the line of models that distribute their content on the payment platform. With a cost of 325 pesos per subscription, in a matter of hours he earned 600,000 pesos, not counting the 20% commission that the platform remains.

Patty continues to agglomerate subscribers day by day, so the projection is more than juicy.

Other celebrities such as Bella de la Vega and Celia Lora have managed to be listed among the audience with earnings that exceed 80,000 pesos, according to the words of the same widow of actor José Ángel García.

But not everything is hunky with flakes. In the United States, the earnings of stars have wreaked havoc with people who share their content without being famous. In 2020, a group of sex workers complained that former Disney actress Bella Thorne sold nude photos for $ 200 that weren’t nude.

With the craze for Thorne at OnlyFans came a price escalation that affected all content creators, for which the platform was forced to set a maximum price, as well as the tips that can be awarded.

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