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The Good End 2021! And Mexicans are about to ‘take the house out the window’ to take advantage of the discounts. In this eleventh edition, more than 95 thousand companies in the country will offer all kinds of promotions, but what are the preferences of consumers?

Fashion, electronics and furniture are among the top positions on the list of a study conducted by the Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO).

Through a survey, the company revealed the purchasing interests and which are the most requested areas and products for this day of promotions.

According to this study, the purchase intention in 2021 is as follows:

● Fashion, with a 51 percent preference.

● Electronics: 50 percent.

● Household appliances: 39 percent.

● Furniture and home decor: 32 percent.

● Cell phones: 30 percent.

● Beauty and personal care: 22 percent.

● Travel and transportation: 20 percent.

● Toys: 19 percent.

● Consoles and Videogames: 18 percent.

● Sports: 16 percent.

● Tools: 15 percent.

● Pet products: 14 percent.

● Lodgings: 13 percent.

● Baby items: 12 percent.

● Digital content and subscriptions: 11 percent.

● Food: 10 percent.

● Records, books and magazines: 9 percent.

● Beverages: 9 percent.

● Automotive: 8 percent.

● Medicines: 7 percent.

● Educational courses: 7 percent.

● Entertainment: 5 percent.

● Financial services: 4 percent.

● Musical instruments: 1 percent.

● Others: 1 percent.

The event of the ‘weekend’ of discounts will be held from November 10 to 16.

This commercial initiative aims to support the economy of families in Mexico


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