Tristán, Yahir’s son, introduces his boyfriend and shares his OnlyFans account

All of Mexico already saw that Yahir’s relationship with his son Tristan It is not good at all, because the young man assured that the singer does not support him because he is bisexual. Now the boy pointed out that he takes drugs because he was educated sexists, in addition to introduced her boyfriend and announced her OnlyFans.

This is what Tristán said to “Gossip no Like”, a program to which he pointed out that as a boy he saw how the relationship between Yahir and his partner did not work, so he was left in charge of his mother, which made him have a conflictive life.

Tristán pointed out that he grew up involved in machismo and said that was what could lead to their addictions to alcohol and drugs.

“Because let’s face it: What is the most socially accepted thing? In Sonora, for example, Hermosillo, you grow: ‘Mijo, become a man, have a beer’, to anyone, “he said.

Tristan also said that he has not used hard drugs for two months and stated that “it has been a difficult battle” to give up alcohol and marijuana.

Yahir’s son announces his OnlyFans

As if that were not enough, Tristán presented to the cameras her boyfriend, an Argentine singer named Axel and assured that Yahir knows him.

For its part, Axel said that he is taking care of Yahir’s son in this difficult stage that he is living: “I am with open arms and with everything that can help him so that he can get ahead and stop using drugs.”

“Yahir knows me, I was in La Voz when he was a coach. I have always admired him since ‘The Academy’, in fact I have known him from television since I saw ‘The Academy’ and I always dreamed of being his friend, and now that this has happened and this is so beautiful, I am very happy, “he added Tristan’s boyfriend.

Finally, Yahir’s son revealed that the porn video that he and Axel made you are already in your OnlyFans account.

“The video has already been made, you can find it in OnlyFans. For now it will be between us and one single content,” said Tristán.


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