‘They can’t stand his success, if he were drunk he would be an idol’

On November 6, Saul Alvarez faced before Caleb Plant on Las Vegas, the Mexican being the winner after knock down the American in the eleventh episode, becoming the unified monarch of the Weight Super middle.

The Canelo he became the first boxer in this category to obtain the title of the four organisms.

After the victory, Alvarez was congratulated by various celebrities, such as Sergio Kun Aguero, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Manny Pacquiao, J Balvin, Checo Pérez, Chicharito Hernández, among others.

Canelo Álvarez fighting Caleb Plant

However, there is a counterpart that criticizes the performance and also does not value the successes obtained by the tapatío. On this occasion, the Naughty Maple realized the situation and went out to defend the Canelo of all those who criticize him.

“I have received a lot of criticism because they asked me what I needed Canelo to be an idol? I told them that I would like to see him in a little war, in a tough fight. However, for me, for my taste, this fight was very good, he won by knock out, I bet him that he won by knock out And so it was, I had a very good fight.

Canelo, It hurts whoever hurts, and regardless of who it hurts, it is the best pound for pound in the world and Eddy reynoso the best coach today. The Canelo He is a disciplined, respectful fighter. If he were a womanizing man, drunk, hanging out in canteens and penniless, people would say he was an ‘idol’. But since he is serious, respectful, elegant and entrepreneurial, people don’t like him, they can’t bear to see your success, “he mentioned through a video posted on his social networks.

Canelo Álvarez celebrating victory against Caleb Plant

The expugilist external Mexican his desire that Saul keep getting more championships, ensuring you are currently the best pound for pound.

“Hopefully Canelo be he seven or eight times world champion, for me today he is the best pound for pound. He is a world champion of all organizations, almost nobody does that, “he said.

In turn, he lashed out at the Mexican fans who do not support local talent in various sports.

“Hopefully in Mexico there would be more Czech Perez, plus Chicharitos, plus Julios Urías, plus Canelos Alvarez. We are a cradle of champions, but do you know who our worst enemy is? ourselves because we pull ourselves like crabs, don’t be envious. Everyone has what they deserve, what they fight for, what they work for, “he added.



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