GOOD END 2021. They sell microwaves with up to 60% difference in price: Profeco

So that the discounts they offer you in The Good End 2021 are a real reduction, you have to compare prices in several stores, even if they are from the same chain, because in the sale of microwave ovens you can save almost 2,500 pesos, or pay 60% more depending on the model you are looking for, according to the Profeco.

THE UNIVERSAL conducted a survey with prices taken by the Profeco this week and disseminated in Who’s who in prices? It was found that between the same chain of stores the prices from one branch to another can vary up to 42%.

One of the ovens with greater price differences it was the Panasonic NN-SD985S of 2.2 cubic feet, silver color, which is in a range of 5,739 pesos to 8,199 pesos, a difference that is observed between stores of the same department store chain.

In Liverpool Galerías Coapa it costs 5,739 pesos, but at the Perinorte branch it sells for 6,559 and at the Satellite branch at 8,199 pesos, the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive price is 42%.

Another case was in the microwave of the Whirlpool brand, WM 1811 D. 1.1 cubic feet, gray / mirror color that in Coppel branch Center of the State of Mexico sells for 2,599 pesos, but in Coppel Plaza Cristal, Gustavo Baz and Esperanza it is 4,199 pesos , that is, 61% more expensive between branches of the same chain.

That same model is sold in LaComer de Torres de Satélite and El Dorado for 3,498 pesos.

There are other self-service stores that maintain their prices in almost all branches in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area buy a microwave Daewoo / Winia, smart Zeron, 1.4 cubic foot KQG-144HMDT, gold, steel gray can cost 2,790 pesos in Perinorte or Plaza Ecatepec. It will go up to 2,898 if purchased at LaComer by Miguel Ángel de Quevedo.

That same kiln It can cost 3 thousand 439 pesos in Sears de Galerías Coapa or 4 thousand 499 in Liverpool de Satélite.

While that same oven in Chedraui de Neza Norte, Mundo E and Ánfora sells for 3,195 pesos and in the Mega Soriana de Aragón, San Jerónimo and Izcalli it costs 3 thousand 499 pesos.

The LG smart inverter microwave oven, MH1536 GIR, 1.5 cu.ft., gold, black / mirror, is sold for 3,758 at LaComer de Miguel Ángel de Quevedo, Torres de Satélite, El Olivar and Santa María la Ribera, but the price reaches 4,799 at El Palacio de Hierro Durango Branch.

From the Mabe brand, the HMM111SEJ, 1.1 cubic foot, silver microwave oven can be purchased for 2,590 pesos at Walmart de Cuitláhuac, Copilco, Lomas, Coacalco, Universidad and Pirules.

Or it can be purchased with a difference of less than 200 pesos, that is, at 2,799 pesos if purchased at the Mega Soriana in Izcalli, Aragón, Mixcoac, Mega Corazón Gran Patio, or Arboledas, as well as in Soriana de Aragón, or Perinorte, among other stores in the same chain.

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