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Guanajuato, Gto; October 31, 2021.- The System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF), through the State Training Institute (IECA), trained the members of the development groups of the Community Health and Wellbeing Mobile Network program on first aid.

The Director General of the Guanajuato State DIF System, Gerardo Trujillo Flores reported that through the Annual Training Program (PAC), intervention strategies in the communities are strengthened, which were proposed after the analysis and detected needs, prioritizing the most relevant and identifying the solution through the implementation of a social project or productive.

That is why, to date, more than 400 trainings have been developed on topics such as: First Aid, Community Health and Social Determinants; in addition to Community Development with a Gender Perspective. In this way, more than 30 certifications have already been delivered to the inhabitants of the town of Cañada de Bustos in the municipality of Guanajuato capital.

“The members of the development groups receive the necessary training on the issues detected during the elaboration of participatory community diagnoses, taught by professionalized personnel and experts in human development and in the training of technical skills that address the health, social components and economic ”, he mentioned.

For this, the (IECA), provides different training that allows the population to acquire knowledge based on the Components of Community Health and Well-being, and that can contribute to the establishment and operation of community projects that promote healthy lifestyles to achieve their development .

For his part, the Director of Community Strengthening Daniel Gallegos Hernández, He explained that this program has the purpose of reaching each of the family members so that they have the necessary tools to be managers and thus have the skills to solve their problems both in the family and in their localities.

“Through the formation of community development groups, it contributes to the strengthening of the social capital of the localities that participate in the program, generating the necessary empowerment so that its members are able to take charge of their own development,” he added.



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