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One of the most sought after products in this eleventh edition of Buen Fin, the most anticipated season of discounts of the year, are undoubtedly screens and televisions, since in full boom of the platforms of streaming they are the best ally for home entertainment.

Various department stores and specialized businesses offer a wide range of displays, which can be found from 2 thousand 72 pesos, an option for those looking for the best value for money.

From Coppel, Liverpool, Sears and Elektra, to Grupo Walmart stores, which have their own discount campaign (the Irressistible End), these are the best options you can find in the main department and self-service stores.


Grupo Carso’s department store chain is one of those that offers displays at a lower price; these are their best offers:

  • Makena brand screen model 24A2 of 24 inches, high definition (HD), USB and HDMI ports, at only 2 thousand 72 pesos.
  • Vizio brand screen model D24HN-G9 24 inches, high definition (HD) led TV, at 2 thousand 328 pesos.
  • GHIA brand screen model G24DHDX8 of 24 inches, led with USB port, in 2 thousand 329 pesos.
  • Sansui model SMX2219 22-inch led television, at 2,399 pesos.


Another of the most popular department stores in the country, Coppel, has some of the best discounts for this Good End:

  • Hisense 40-inch led screen, FHD Smart TV 40H5G, at 3 thousand 999 pesos.
  • Hisense 40-inch led screen FHD Smart TV 40H5G with three HDMI inputs, at 6 thousand 499 pesos.
  • Hisense 40-inch led screen, Full HD Smart TV 40H4000FM, at 6,899 pesos.


Grupo Salinas’ department store is another one that offers the cheapest screens and televisions this season of discounts:

  • Television brand Ghia LED Smart TV of 31.5 inches and resolution 1366 x 768, at 3 thousand 699 pesos.
  • 24-inch Makena brand screen, LCD, HD, HDMI, USB, model LE236M9NNABLA, at 3 thousand 860 pesos.
  • Sansui 32-inch led screen model SMX32P28NF HD, at 3 thousand 899 pesos.
  • 32-inch screen brand Vizio Full Array LED Full HD Six-core D32F-G4, reconditioned, at 3 thousand 999 pesos.


The Port of Liverpool is not far behind with its offers, these are some of the cheapest screens it offers:

  • Hisense brand screen, 32-inch HD 32H5G LED Smart TV, at 4 thousand 499 pesos.
  • TCL brand screen, 32-inch HD 32A345 LED Smart TV with Android TV, at 4 thousand 799 pesos.
  • Hyundai brand screen, 32-inch HD LED Smart TV, model HYLED3243NIM, at 5 thousand 299 pesos.
  • Hisense brand screen, 32-inch HD LED Smart TV, model 32H4000GM, at 5 thousand 299 pesos.

Bodega Aurrera

Bodega Aurrera, the Mexican subsidiary of the American retail giant Walmart, is another of those with the best discounts:

  • Westinghouse brand screen model WD19HN1108, 19-inch HD LED TV, at 2 thousand 99 pesos.
  • Scepter brand LED TV, model E246BD-FC8N, 24-inch Class FHD (1080P), at 3,299 pesos.
  • Westinghouse brand screen model WD24HB6101, 24-inch HD TV Combo DVD, at 3 thousand 399 pesos.



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