The most advanced private medicine takes off into a new universe for the well-being of humanity

Hospital Angeles Health System is heading to a new mission: Take the private health of Mexico to a place never before discovered, through the first Comprehensive Private Health System in the country.

What is a comprehensive health system?

It is an innovative concept made up of various aspects and aimed at providing maximum well-being to each patient and their families.

Conquest of new spaces

The expansion of 5 hospitals in Mexico City, as well as the creation of 2 new hospitals, one in the south of Mexico City and the other in Querétaro. An expansion aimed at taking care of more and more Mexicans.

A world of technology within the reach of man

Always with one foot forward, now Hospital Angeles Health System has the Da Vinci Robot in robotic surgery centers, to perform complex interventions in a more precise and less invasive way.

The VEREOS PET-CT is an excellent less invasive alternative to detect diseases with greater precision. And the O-ARM device, the most advanced equipment that provides images in 2 and 3 dimensions, as well as images in real time during surgical interventions. A breakthrough for the health of humanity.

Launch of the digital ecosystem

An innovation conformed by the digitization of a single integrated file for patients, where their entire medical history will reside, so that any specialist in the network can consult at any time.

In addition, it has the Angeles Clínico and Angeles Digital applications, designed to provide a fast, friendly and safe service to patients.

And finally the new Telemedicine by Ever Health service, the easiest way to have a medical consultation without having to travel. A digital world aimed at well-being.

The most humane crew

The most prepared specialists in the country, as well as the nurses, and each of the Angeles staff members, dedicated to providing the most attentive service so that all patients and their families have a warm experience. The kindest universe for human well-being.

3, 2, 1, IGNITION! Hospital Angeles Health System has already taken off to take the best of private medicine further.


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