Sparks will come out of the United States vs Mexico – José Ramón Fernández

United States vs Mexico. Elimination match for him Qatar World Cup 2022Friday night, 8:00 p.m. in Mexico City, a game that is played in Cincinnati, a place that at this time of November is cold, not like Columbus, so exaggerated, but cold.

Exaggerated will be the next one that will be in Edmonton, Canada, since the temperatures drop to zero degrees, but the temperature is the least.

The grass, the site, the public, they do not play, those who play are those who go out to the field and those who are going to play football to try to score points, get away from second place or another try to reach first place.

It is the Concacaf Classic, the Classic of the playoffs in this area, due to the growth especially of the United States as a soccer team, every day it has better players, every day it has more players in soccer in Europe and therefore they compete better.

Before, they hardly competed and Mexico He beat them easily, but in recent years the United States has caught up quite a bit in national competition in competition with Mexico. Just this summer there were two tournaments, both of which were won by the United States, the Nations League and the Gold Cup.

Now they have some injured players. Berhalter, the coach of the United States, will not be able to count on Sergiño Dest, the very fast winger who they have in Barcelona, ​​is injured, and he will not have Reyna in his ranks due to injury, a talented, fine, elegant player, a good player.

He will have Matt Turner in goal, in defense on the right side he will have Joe Scally, on the other side he will have Robinson. In midfield he will have Tyler Adams and Weston McKennie, who is at Juventus.

Ahead is Tim Weah from Lille in France, a good player, fast, fast, there is also Ricardo Pepi, he could have played for Mexico, but he decided to stay and play for the United States, he is the son of Mexican parents, he is young, 18 years old, and he is the revelation of the team of the stars and stripes, he has three goals, he is a great player.

The manager’s question is whether Christian Pulisic, a Chelsea player, European Champion, plays or in his place Brend Aaronson would play.

Pulisic has been injured and has played very little with Chelsea, even coach Tuchel has asked the United States team to use him calmly, not to exaggerate in recharging everything on this player because he was away from the courts for a long time .

Mexico also has doubts, it also has injuries. For example, Moreno will not be there for this reason. César Montes is also injured and Néstor Araujo suspended. But Mexico will bring the team that Tata Martino has tried to deal with, with Guillermo Ochoa in goal, who is a security for the Mexican team.

Jorge Sánchez as side, possibly Johan Vásquez appears, the player who is from Pumas and is on loan to the Italian Genoa, a good center-back, is a great player and will surely have minutes with the Mexican National Team, and the other doubt is Gilberto Sepúlveda or the Cata Domínguez of centrals, one younger, the other more veteran to replace Moreno who is touched.

In midfield is Edson Álvarez who arrived just Tuesday night at the Mexican National Team camp, he plays for Ajax. Luis Romo, who has lowered his football level a lot, but perhaps Tata Martino can make Romo raise the level. Hector Herrera, who plays for Atlético de Madrid, will also be there.

And ahead, on the right side Jesús Corona, who has also lowered the level of play, on the left Chucky Lozano and in the center Raúl Jiménez, the Wolverhampton striker who has returned to an acceptable level scoring good goals.

The best that Mexico has is Raúl Jiménez, in an oversight he can score them a goal, you have to take good care of him, you have to protect yourself very well, always score. This is how Mexico and the United States will play, a match that does not define anything at the moment, it is only a three-point match, Mexico is the leader in the area at this time, below is the United States, and then comes Canada.

Both games in the United States and Canada are difficult because of the environment, not hostile, but the climatic environment, possibly, or the strength of these teams, Canada above all, which showed at Azteca that it is a very good team, that it plays very well. to football.

Mexico has its own thing, it will have to go out and look for the result, the draw is not bad, the victory of course is better, but the United States wants to win, it is a game that has to win, it already did in the summer, but it must be repeated. now in the rankings.

For me, these three teams: Mexico, the United States and Canada will be the representatives of the area in the Qatar World Cup. They are three mature teams, made, strong. The important thing is to qualify first and then see what you can do in the World Cup. Mexico will have to do its best to overcome what it has done before.

Rafael Márquez, the player who was in five World Cups, said it: “After playing so many World Cups, I didn’t win anything.” Mexico He is always knocking on the door of the pass to the fifth game and he does not get it, because he always finds himself with some power.

Mexico vs the United States is an attractive match, it is the Classic of the area and therefore arouses passions, especially in Mexico if it loses and if it wins, Mexico is the favorite, but the United States is not far behind, it has mounted a good team.

It will be a tough, strong match and both will try to seek victory. Cincinnati is not Colombus, where the United States had a hegemony, until in the qualifying rounds towards the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Mexico defeated the United States 2-1 and they did not participate in the World Cup in Russia, not because of that defeat but because simply I do not qualify. Hopefully it will be a tough and strong game, but won by law.



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