Ricardo La Volpe had a tense crossover with Oscar Ruggeri on ESPN Futbol 90

Ricardo La Volpe sat in the ESPN Futbol 90 studio and had a good football talk about his successes, failures and tactically analyzed the sport, but when he revealed Diego Maradona’s “exits” from the concentration during the 1986 World Cup, a tense crossing with Oscar Ruggeri, champion with Argentina in Mexico.

Following a consultation on the conditions of the military dictatorship in the ’78 World Cup, La Volpe replied: “The same codes that Bilardo did, that they didn’t let you go out and Maradona went out every day.”

Ruggeri assured: “I never saw that.” “I’m a friend of (Héctor) Zelada, who was there,” Bigotón reminded him.

And the ex-defender affirmed that “Maradona entered the premises and said, this is my World Cup, I don’t want interviews, I don’t want anything and he got in there. That is not having codes. If he left, which we did not know, that is not having codes, now that Maradona is not alive. “

And La Volpe tried to tone down his opening statement a bit: “It is one thing that I can go to eat, I did go out.”

“You don’t want to fix it,” said Rugger, “and because he was going out to eat, did we cover our eyes?”

“You know what Maradona was doing,” La Volpe pointed out.

“This I am finding out now. It surprises me of you, because if Diego were alive, he would be answering you already, “insisted the Cabezón.

And La Volpe, far from backing down, redoubled the bet: “He will answer me the same as you and you are absolutely right: we all have to shut up and you are right there. I respect you and congratulate you because you have a code. But don’t say like that, because you’re not right “

“I know how it was, because I was there,” Ruggeri recalled. And he added: “So you knew more from the gate to the outside than I did from the gate to the inside?”

And he received another response loaded with irony: “And yes, if the exit is from the gate to the outside.”

The discussion grew and moved to a more soccer plane, where La Volpe directly disqualified Ruggeri: “You don’t know anything about football.”

And the panelist from ESPN F90 He reminded him of the three-time championship lost with Boca Juniors: “You are a phenomenon that came here to take the world ahead and you lost a championship with Boca in three games that my four-year-old boy directed it like that, sitting without touching anything. You did nothing. and you become the phenomenon and you come to face me without codes and without anything, you lost everything “.

“You are right, I missed that point, but it means that I will have made a lot of points to reach the last dates like this,” La Volpe reviewed.

“You were a phenomenon in that championship, you came second,” Ruggeri returned and completed: “You are a monster, so much so that you went to the Boca court with a red tie and white shirt. You have to give yourself the award, the bowl … of the date you won that day “.

The “second round” was generated when the ex-archer pointed out that Carlos Bilardo changed his scheme in the middle of the World Cup, to adapt to the game of rivals, a version that Ruggeri refuted and assured that since ’83, the Doctor had begun to rehearse the scheme with stopper.


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