Profeco fined Walmart and other companies; it also goes for Gayosso

Mexico City /

So far this year the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) has applied fines for more than 120 million pesos and according to Ricardo Sheffield, head of the Walmart de México dependency, has been the company with the highest number of sanctions.

Walmart took the top prize in fines; He did not want to pay me and I seized one Store and once I did, he paid in scrubs, “he said at the end of his participation in the banner of the eleventh edition of The good end.

According to the official, the action of the attorney’s office is related to accumulated fines from 2018 to 2020 by the largest self-service chain in the country in different stores and for various situations.

“The embargo lasted a few hours, it was a warehouse of non-perishable items in Mexico City; It was not a distribution center, but a support for several stores in one area. They were not used to paying, it was several million pesos, almost 30 million pesos in total, “he said.

The prosecutor said that there are other companies with important cases of fines, such as the pawn shop company First Cash and which was sanctioned for 12 million pesos after their bank accounts were frozen.

He added that there are other companies that continue with bad practices, such as the Gayosso funeral homes with which he said, the agency has struggled to reach agreements.



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