Mexico 0-0 Colombia, Revelations Cup: Video and summary

With Marcelo Flores as the starter, the Tri sub-20 tied with Colombia in the Revelations Cup.

Summary | El Tri and Colombia settle for a 0-0 draw

By: Álvaro Cruz Santibanez

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The Mexican Under-20 team drew 0-0 with their Colombian counterpart at the start of the Revelations Cup in Celaya, with Arsenal striker Marcelo Flores at the head of the team.

The first warning came from the Mexican Leone, from LAFC, who with a powerful shot made the Colombian goal shake and thus made clear the determination of the Tricolor to take the victory.

Come by! Leone’s shot that almost ended up on the net

Colombia was not daunted and in a play at speed to the left came the attack that turned the tricolor defense, after Salazar opened the space and sent a powerful shot that Reyes deflected.

Mexico is saved! Cannon shot by Salazar y Reyes cover with reflections

Another coffee attempt came with a play that seemed to have nothing, due to the distance between the players and the Reyes bow, but much was the surprise when the far shot came that almost kisses the net.

They tried to surprise! Reyes stretches to avoid the goal

Marcelo Flores showed off his skill with the ball, his dribbling that Arsenal like so much, and the play that could consecrate him in the tournament came, but the shot ended up crashing into goalkeeper Salazar.

Savior crossing! The ball is left to Flores and the star in Salazar


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