Instagram will compete with OnlyFans, launch payment system for exclusive content

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The Instagram social network is ready to compete with OnlyFans, it will launch a payment system for influencers and celebrities to charge for exclusive content.

Instagram will be the competition of OnlyFans


© PixabayInstagram will be the competition of OnlyFans

After the success of platforms such as OnlyFans, other Social networks they want to add to their way of use, such is the case of Instagram, which will stop being totally free and will add a payment system option monthly installments so that your followers can enjoy exclusive content from your influencers favorites and favorites.

OnlyFans has become a source of income for various international and famous Mexican personalities, including the former “weather girl”, Yanet García, who recently launched a FREE video to promote her account for his fans.

From becoming a social network with a paid subscription option, Instagram would join platforms such as OnlyFans that offer influencers economic income for photos, videos and exclusive stories for fans who pay a monthly fee.

Instagram will compete with OnlyFans

Meta, before Facebook, has not yet revealed the official information of the Instagram change, however the integration of the new payment option has been leaked through the Apple application store. In the “In-app purchases” section, the prices of the monthly installments appear, divided into the categories Instagram Badge and Instagram Subscriptions. According to the Sensor Tower firm, the costs of these subscriptions range from $ 0.99 to $ 4.99. These changes have already been detected by some users of this social network, so everything seems to indicate that it would be a matter of time for the platform to make it available to the millions of users in the world.

Because there is no confirmation, these costs could vary or appear in another way in the Google Play store for Android devices, everything seems to indicate that it would be a matter of time for the platform to make the information available to its millions of users in the world. So for now the app will continue to be completely free content, but it is expected that soon the social network will begin to compete with OnlyFans.

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