GOOD END 2021. Laptops or laptops with the smallest price differences

The differences of prices of the laptops or laptops, among different self-service and departmental chains, is much smaller than screens, washing machines and refrigerators, according to the Profeco.

Especially when it comes to computers simpler, because a difference of 5,000 pesos was found in a higher capacity laptop.

For example, the laptop or HP laptop, 14DK1010LA, AMD Atlon Silveria, Windows 10, 500 GB hard drive and 14-inch 4G RAM can be found between 9,295 pesos and 9,301 pesos.

According to a comparison of prices between the stores Chedraui Ánfora, Mega Soriana Arboledas, Soriana Hiper de Mixcoac and Perinorte and Parque Delta where the difference of prices it was six pesos.

The Who’s who in prices? of the Profeco The Huawei mate boom coro or MACHC-WAE9LP laptop, Inter Core i7, windows 10, 1 Terabite SSD hard drive, 16 gigabit 13.9-inch RAM, has a price variation of 5,000 pesos, from 44,999 to 49,999.

At 44,999 pesos this Laptop was found in Liverpool Parque Delta, while in Sears Insurgentes it was sold for 49,999 pesos, that is, 10% more than the other store.

The Lenovo laptop, Ideapad, S145-14API, AMD A4, Windows 10, 500 gigabit hard drive, 4 gigabit 14-inch RAM was found at the same price in three different stores, at 7,999 pesos.

That sale price was given by Bodega Aurrerá Tacubaya.

According to the Profeco, there was practically no price difference, as in the case of screens and refrigerators that are sold even between branches of the same chain 20, 30 or 40% more expensive.

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