Dopesick comes to Star +, the miniseries about the medicine that made a country addicted

In the 80s, the sackler family, owner of one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in the world, began to market a drug that promised to be the cure for all pain. Oxycodone entered the market with the lie that less than 1% of its users became addicted and it ended up making a country sick completely. This story was related by Beth macy in the book Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company that Addicted America (Abstinence: dealers, doctors and the pharmaceutical company that generated addiction in the United States) and transformed into a miniseries by Hulu, with Michael Keaton to the head.

From this Friday, the users of Star + You will be able to access this powerful story that turned into fiction one of the crises that still continues to affect the United States, where more than half a million people died from overdoses. Michael Keaton also produces the miniseries of which Danny Strong is his showrunner. They are a total of 8 episodes where the outrage will catch the viewer from beginning to end.

The opioid crisis is recounted from different points of view. Keaton is a doctor in a mining town who soon begins to prescribe (in good faith) oxycodone to patients who suffered severe blows or are in pain from their jobs. One of the mining companies is Betsy (Kaitlyn dever), who after an accident begins to fight her pain with this drug to which she becomes addicted. The drug comes to this town through Billy (Will poulter), a medical visitor who sells medicine from Purdue Pharma, and Michael Stuhlbarg he puts himself in the shoes of the unscrupulous Richard Sackler.

With comings and goings in time, Dopesick recounts a nearly 15-year process of what was an investigation led by two Maine prosecutors, Rick (Peter sarsgaard) and Randy (John hoogenakker) and the fight over the DEA agent, Bridget (Rosario Dawson), for destroying an empire that only cared about money and not the lives it ruined both directly and indirectly. The rawness of each episode that will come to Star + puts in focus the value of life according to the income of each person, in this fiction that deserves to be seen to continue with a debate that is still in force; The Sacklers did not pay close to the consequences as parents of the opioid crisis.

Threats to Dopesick production

The work carried out since Dopesick, that many of those involved were contacted in order to be convinced not to proceed with the project. This was confirmed by the director of photography Checco Varese in an interview with Spoiler, where he pointed out that although he was not called, he knows of many colleagues who in the process of gestation of the miniseries were warned by the team of lawyers of the sacklers, telling them that they would evaluate each sentence of this fiction and would not hesitate to go to trial in case of finding any fault, slander or insult against one of the richest families in the world.

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