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The televisions, the star product of the Good End, will face problems to reach the shelves of the main chains, due to the lack of semiconductors, the increase in the cost of import containers, the temporary suspension of operations in some Chinese ports and the neck of bottle that caused the blockade of the railways in Michoacán for more than a month.

LG Group leads the TV market share with 25.2 percent, followed by Samsung with 14.4 percent and Hisense with 14.1 percent, which together hold 53.7 percent of the market.

In Mexico, it is estimated that four out of every 10 products that are bought during the Good End are electronic and of these, the demand falls mainly on the screens.

“On the Good End they will still shine, but at Christmas the problem will come because there will no longer be televisions, there will perhaps be high-end televisions of more than 45 thousand pesos, I believe that the base brands will have a significant shortage and that will lead to the increase in prices and that is where inflation will hit very hard ”, warned Mario Juárez, Enterprise Sales Manager at Adobe Commerce.

Supply problems in the electronics category have already been alerted by chains such as Liverpool, Chedraui, La Comer, Gigante and the Linio e-commerce platform.

“We see a shortage in technology, especially in cell phones and screens, what we are looking for is to have more assortment and variety, with that we are seeking to cover the demand”, admitted Beatriz Burquez, commercial director of Linio México.

In the country, from January to August of this year, 411,963 screens were imported, an annual increase of 209 percent, according to data from the Ministry of Economy.

“Lockdown measures boosted demand for LCD TVs during 2020 as local consumers spent more time at home. The volume sales of OLED TVs are experiencing rapid growth, but this is due to a very low base, and that they are significantly more expensive than LCD TVs, “explained Euromonitor in its analysis of Consumer Electronics 2021: The Big Picture.

“Once these products arrive in Mexico, there are also logistical limitations in the availability of trucks and some blocked railways,” explained Antonio Hidalgo, Hisense Mexico’s director of operations.

These transportation limitations become a shelf opportunity for brands and products that are manufactured in the country, as long as they have the supplies, Juárez explained.

The company of Chinese origin, Hisense, has a plant in Rosarito, Baja California, where it produces 30 thousand televisions a day to supply the entire continent of America.

The manager assured that Mexico has not had a shortage of raw material at least for televisions, since the country is among the three priority nations in the supply of chips for the company, but it did accept a lag in the import of other categories.

“At the moment we are importing telephony and white goods from China, as a finished product, that import is obviously having a little more problems, with 15 percent of the volume that is not yet with our commercial partners,” acknowledged Hidalgo.

Risk of sale without product grows

Logistical difficulties and lack of stock increase the risk that commercial chains will sell products that they do not really have yet, warned Adobe Commerce and Tec-Check.

“There is a lot of demand and little physical inventory, what will begin to happen is that for the stores it will be a success by selling a lot, but the companies will apply the sale more, then I resolve, there are many companies that unfortunately do not have their inventories on time real, ”Juárez said.

In 2020, Profeco received 85,023 complaints towards commercial chains, of which 21.2 percent corresponded to the practice of selling products that the stores did not really have.

“The main recommendation is that they review the terms and conditions, and if a store already says that due to lack of stock they reserve the right to make a unilateral cancellation, it is already a very red light, considering the current situation”, recommended Fior García, co-founder of the civil association Tec-Check.


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