Vitamin D will not only protect us against Covid-19, but against a number of pathologies

The ignorance that exists about the benefits that the Vitamin D (VitD) has generated a problem of public health which, unfortunately, remained unnoticed until reaching worrying figures, since more than 80% of the population lacks optimal levels of this substance and its deficiency could trigger a number of pathologies such as osteoporosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and a risk greater than suffering fractures. For this reason, the “Brigade D”, made up of a triad of Argentine researchers, undertook the task of exposing the importance of this vitamin and its implications in human life, in an interview with THE UNIVERSAL.

Brigade D. Photo: El Universal / Mariana Lebrija Clavel

Dr. Beatriz Oliveri, also known as “the mother of vitamin D”, stated that VitD is a hormone that is produced photosynthetically in the skin by the action of ultraviolet radiation (the Sun). Although – the ensitometrist doctor explained – it is found in some foods, its rich distribution in this vitamin is almost minimal. Some of these products are fatty fish, eggs and some supplemented dairy products, enriched with calcium.

Doctor Beatriz Oliveri. Photo: Courtesy

The also researcher of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) indicated that its presence favors musculoskeletal health: “it favors a healthy skeleton and good muscle function”. High levels of Vitamin D prevent rickets, osteomalacia (soft and misshapen bones) and osteoporosis. However, access to the sun’s rays, in contemporaneity, is not easy to obtain.

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“Modern life made our habits change, our work -the main hours where we can be exposed to the Sun- we are usually in closed spaces, our clothing, sunscreens, cosmetics with sunscreens, in such a way, makes each one of people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency “, highlighted one of the experts.

“If we have good levels of circulating Vitamin D we will have extraskeletal actions,” said the scientist, since these are responsible for modulating the entire immune system, so they protect us against infections, as was the case with Covid-19. During its appearance (at the end of December 2019) and in the course of the different waves of infections, the scientific evidence related to VitD caught the attention of the populations, because although the nobility of this vitamin was already there, no one turned to look at them until it was proven that their presence prevented the complications of the disease.

“That’s why it’s so important that if we don’t get them naturally, we do it through the right supplements,” Oliveri added.

“All of our attention turned around the pandemic of Covid-19, but it turns out – that at this same time – that the investigations confirmed that the majority of the population has Vitamin D deficiency “.

A demonstration of this was the demand for Vitamin D supplements in Mexico, during the contingency, historical sales were registered with respect to sales, which remained stable over four months: “studies began to be made public in which it was mentioned that patients with VitD deficiency had worse prognoses compared to the new coronavirus “. Despite this, the commercialization of these products fell after a while and the population forgot it.

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Doctor David Fasuro. Photo: Courtesy

In this regard, the gynecologist and obstetrician David Fasuro expressed that VitD supplements is a safe and effective medication strategy: “the benefits far outweigh the risks, it has a large safety range, it is very difficult to have adverse effects if indicated within the usual parameters “.

For these purposes, the medical director of the Buenos Aires Gynecological Institute, explained the importance of individualizing medicine, since the ideal administration of VitD doses varies depending on the need of each patient. “Medicine based on the need of the person. It is necessary to take into account what is their disease, pathologies, what is their risk to be able to indicate a good strategy”. What is a fact, according to the expert, is that this supplement should be taken with confidence, thanks to the health benefits it provides.

Doctor José Luis Manseur. Photo: Courtesy

In turn, the specialist in osteology, José Luis Manseur responded to the question of why VitD is necessary now and not before, since neither our mothers, nor fathers, even less our grandparents took it: “incorrect, it was not known, but it was always necessary. ” The only stage in which, perhaps, these supplements were not required – the researcher dimensioned – was in the era of primitive humanity, since the deprivation of clothes and geographically located near the Equator, close to the Sun, “only that we found out now “.

Vitamin D, Fasuro explained, has a double action, is preventive and useful in the treatment of pathologies already manifested in the patient: “it serves to prevent, correct and reverse”, he assured.



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