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The Mexican boxer Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez was consecrated last Saturday as the top super middleweight champion.

This after winning the championship of the International Boxing Federation (IBF), the same as his rival Caleb Plant, whom he defeated by knockout in the eleventh round.

With this result, Canelo obtains the four belts that they label it as the best pound-for-pound boxer on the planet: WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF; without leaving aside the The King belt which labels him as the king of boxing.

Despite having several moments of action and emotion, there was one that attracted attention. A person who was close to the ring was recording the fight, and a moment of the video reveals that the boxers were having a chat above the ring.

During the ninth round, Caleb Plant asked the Mexican a series of questions and comments, who limited himself to offering short and concise answers. The dialogue can be clearly seen in the video:

“You are good enough, am I good enough?”Plant asked Canelo Álvarez, and his answer was a simple ‘Yes’. The American continues to comment: “It is being a good fight. “I like it”Saúl Álvarez answers. “I respect your abilities.” “Yes, I know”, affirms once again the tapatío.

At the time of their brief talk, both athletes were on guard, waiting for some movement from their opponent to counterattack; time passed, and although it was a matter of seconds, the public could realize it and began to boo that scene, so the ‘Canelo’ threw a couple of blows to his opponent.

Do you think this wouldn’t make a lot of sense? Were they becoming friends above the ring? Were they going out to dinner after the fight? There is more behind than you could imagine.

This is said to be a common tactic to deconcentrate the opponent and thus take him by surprise, so it was surely one of the things that the American boxer did so that Álvarez would lower his guard and thus give him some accurate blows. Evidently it didn’t work.

After the fight disputed this weekend against the American boxer, the tapatío adds 57 fights won, 1 loss, 2 draws and 39 knockouts, which send him to the elite list of the sport of red fists.


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