Valeria Gómez is elected as university counselor in Medicine uach education university charge – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

The Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences released the results of the election process for technical and university advisers.

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On Monday the process began for some of the academic units, including Medicine, the election was held from 8 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon through the electronic platform of the State Electoral Institute.

Dr. Luis Carlos Hinojos Gallardo, director of the unit, was present during the closing of the process, where Valeria Isabel Gómez Parra and Gerardo Esteban Ramos García were elected as University Councilors, their alternate will be María Fernanda Banderas Torres.

While the Technical Advisors will be for the Biomedical Engineering career – Camila Lozano Colomo and the alternate Melanie Paola Delgado Muela

In Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Brenda Teresa Reséndiz Díaz was elected and Jesica Delgado Contreras was elected as substitute.

In the area of ​​Public Health, the result was for Miguel Andrés De la Cruz Chávez, whose alternate will be Mónica Gabriela Aguilar López


In the one of Doctor, Surgeon and Midwife the victory went to Odile Karyme Frías Juárez and her substitute

Santiago Heriberto Pérez Antillón.

It must be remembered that the decision will fall on these new councilors in the election of the next rector of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua.

At the closing there were also the directors of Zootechnics and Ecology, as well as Philosophy and Letters.

The election process continues today for the Faculties of Political and Social Sciences, Arts, Chemical Sciences and Sciences of Physical Culture.


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